In my younger days, I made a living as a reckless bass player, but decided to move on in order to pursue a more stable work life. I earned a masters in philosophy and political theory, then started a career as a political consultant, but just a few years in, I realised it was not for me.

So...In 2009 found my way back to my love for music, albeit in a different form. I combined it with a hobby-level interest in electronics, and started providing kits and assembly guides for DIY audio at PCB Grinder 

Starting out as an electronics hobbyist with no formal education in this field, GOLY has been built on my work at PCB Grinder, my drive to grow and learn, my love for doing this work, and the help of kind, intelligent and passionate people around me. 

I am always open for collaborations, custom jobs, repairs, and, of course, supplying the units offered on the site.



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