In late 2016, Jakob Erland of Gyraf Audio handed me the foundation for a really exciting, dynamic EQ concept, but no matter which angle I approached it from, I could never mould it into a shape that was right for me, neither on the circuit or the interfacing design. 

I binned my fifth prototype build in 2018, and thought that would be the end of it. 

In 2019, I spent a lot of time perfecting a custom, precision high and low cut filter for  Stephen of Marsh Mastering, including variable slopes and relay controlled frequency selection. While doing so, I found the inspiration to work on the dynamic equalization concept again, by approaching it solely as a high/low end shaping tool, and laying a completely different topology as its basis.

This time, it took off in the right direction, and the work accelerated during quarantine as a ”lock-down-project”. 

Earlier prototypes off to the landfill


The first stage of the Stereo Dynamic Shelving Equalizer consists of a precision, high and low cut filter, each with 9 selectable frequencies, and 6, 9 and 12dB/oct. switching – all frequencies on relay-switched, precision matched capacitors.

The second stage consists of a high and low shelving filter, each sporting +/-10dB of gain, and dynamic control of the shelving – all frequencies on relay-switched, precision matched capacitors.

The dynamic control lets you vary the attack and release times, as well as the dynamic hold on the shelving filter, while the compression/limit switch. takes you from a 1:1.5 soft knee ratio, useful for subtle sculpting, to a harder knee 1:6 ratio, for a bit more bite and grab.

...and everything is on switches, for easy recall.

Relay boards with precision matched capacitors, stacked for high and low cut switching on latest prototype

Skærmbillede 2020-05-15 kl. 14.27.58.png


At this point, the project has been through quite a few revisions, everything has been adjusted, and the basic design of the sonics, circuit and interface is done. 

Ill be doing some more testing before releasing it into the wild - You can follow the progress on instagram

I would love some additional feedback and "final Beta"-testing in a few random environments - I can do one or two at a discount for the purpose.

Mail me at - give me two lines on your set-up, and the levels you work at, DSEQ in the subject line.

Final front panel layout


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