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In my regional, Danish dialect, GOLY is a contraction of "god Lyd", which translates to "good sound". 

The name is also a play on the brand name of LEGO, which is more of a constructed contraction of "Leg godt", that roughly translates to "Play well" or "Play nicely.

In my work, I try to approach as many aspects as possible with unbound creativity, and what I like to think of as "serious" play.

The pictures shows the entire GOLY factory, and when I say that all GOLY units are built by hand, I mean by my own hands in my small work shop.

In the design philosophy and apporoach to my work, it's important for me to try to vanish the lines between the objects I make, either construed as (expensive) toys, or interpreted as utilitarian objects. When I am happy with a final design, it seems to me to be neither as well as both, even if that is paradoxial.

Achieving it is about finding a work/play balance between immersion on my own time, geeking out about something in solitary contemplation or experimentating, and interacting with my playmates (Musicians and audio engineers, not the bunnies) where I observe, draw on their experience, and listen to feedback, which informs the shape of the final product.

65A50B08-7BF5-42FF-8AC9-EB96E15FE9FD (2).JPG

Working on a presentation video for the COMPEQ

On the project pages, you can read about my designs, and their genealogy, but...


Rather than try to grasp them intellectually and contemplate how the more unfamiliar aspects of my designs would possibly work from afar, I would encourage you to approach them more like you would approach a toy, reach out to one of my dealers for a demo, and have a curious, playful experience to see how it feels and fits.

If you have any questions, or if there is something you're curious about, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or connect to my professional network.


God Leg og God Lyd!

Gustav Goly


5230 Odense M DK


+45 53161601

Please use e-mail to schedule a call




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