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The Stem Mix & Compression Matrix

About the Compressor Matrix

How do we design the perfect hub for modern, hybrid mixing?

First prototype ca 2016

This was the first break-through prototype revision for the 8 channel Stem Mix & Master Compressor

In this configuration, we could balance the mix, and what was being heard by the side chain, and we could do these things independently from each other.

In extreme settings, we could turn down elements going into the side chain completely, so they didnt affect compression.


GOLY graphics department, block diagram
(ca 2016)


The summing mixer in the Compressor Matrix was ported over from a unit I built as a stand-alone summing mixer in 2013.

It was adapted slightly from a circuit that was put into the DIY community by Tim Farrant of Buzz Audio - link 

It already felt like a useful innovation, and we were close to being happy with how the unit sounded and operated, but I was still not fulfilling a final, but important, part of the brief.

I have to give credit here to danish mix engineer, Carsten Heller, who initially gave me the idea for this, as he wanted to be able to roll back stems without affecting the compression footprint. 

Is it possible to manufacture separate stems while mixing into a master buss compressor, without affecting the behaviour of the soloed stem?

If you solo a buss, the other elements are no longer "heard" by the side chain, so this affects how the compression works, and the balance and glue of the mix is lost when bouncing independt tracks back

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a solution utilizing the single, stereo compressor concept, but eventually, I realised, I could solve it by simply abandoning that premise.

8 independt compressors, refering to a single brain. direct outs after the compression engines, and finally, a summing mixer after the direct outs for a stereo mix output.

GOLY graphics department, signal flow diagram (ca. 2022) 

(notice the incredible leap in quality)

The first, working prototype was an 8 channel summing mixer with attenuation going into the signal path, and an 8 channel summing mixer with attenuation going into the side chain.

The signals were still going into a stereo compressor with "2 ears" to hear the side chain (SC Mix), "1 brain" to interpret it (compression engine) and "2 hands" to grab the signal path (compression) - all coming out in a stereo mix..

The finished design features 8 signal path compressors referencing a single brain with indpendent and global level controls, and it has "8 ears" (SC Mix) one brain (compression engine) and "8 hands" (compression).

I know it can be hard to wrap your head around it, but it might help if you check out my explanation here

Explainer on Youtube

The compressor matrix has a luxurious, open sound, and it gives you unprecedented flexibility in it's ability to control and route your master buss processing.

It is perfect for doing "almost done" mixes in a hardware environment, while leaving room for minor tweaks and revisions. 

If you track back stems before rolling your final stereo bounce in the box, you can do revisions by making minor level-adjustments on the stems before doing an internal bounce.

With this type of processing available, you no longer have to decide between sound, workflow and convenience. 

The basic configuration is 8 channels, but I can deliver custom configurations and expansions

See if you can spot it in the wild - link


8 Channel Compression Matrix

Direct STEM outputs per channel

Stereo output summing

Global Gain/Compression

All controls stepped


€3700 ex VAT

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